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I have been working in film and television for 30 years creating and enjoying the many challenges that come along with the business.


I started in the business in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. After graduating from John Casablancas program for makeup and aesthetics in the late ’80s, I went on to work for 8 seasons at the Edmonton Opera as well as for CTV, ITV, CFRN, CBC and New Picture crew doing TV series, films, music videos, training videos, commercials and some print works.


I gained my IATSE Union status in 1992. In 1996 I made the move to Vancouver, BC, Canada where I proceeded to build my resume working in the medium of film and TV.

I have extensive knowledge and experience working on various ethnic skin types. I am a creative person who thinks outside the box, but also a team player. I prioritize collaborating with producers and directors to come up with a look that pleases everyone.

I thrive on meeting new challenges and responding effectively and efficiently. I keep my expertise updated with a good knowledge of new and emerging products and techniques, and I'm conscious of excellent hygiene and environmentally friendly practices. 


I possess exceptional supervisory skills by taking on team leading roles. I'm reliable, discreet, dedicated and punctual. I'd love to work with you and make it an enjoyable and valuable experience for both of us.


Lighting for Makeup

Colour Theory for Diverse Skin Tones

Advanced Airbrushing

Advanced Prosthetics Painting

Woman of Colour Workshop

Men's Grooming

Supervisory Courses: 

St. John Ambulance First Aid Course

WHMIS - Workplace Hazardous Material

  • Corrective Action

  • Safety

  • Supervisor Role

Bald Calp Application Workshop

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